Choosing Eyeglass Frames: Nail Your Style & Personality With The Right Pick

Choosing Eyeglass Frames: Nail Your Style & Personality With The Right Pick

A few decades ago, eyeglasses were the only option for people lacking perfect vision.

But recent developments in medical and optical technology have made things like soft contact lenses, and even corrective laser eye surgery, viable alternatives.

So why do eyeglasses continue to be so popular?

Why do they persist, when advancements should have made them obsolete?

Perhaps it’s because glasses are not just about correcting your vision. They also provide a unique way to express your personality.

Your choice of eyeglasses frames is as much a fashion choice as it is a medical choice. Frames emblazoned with top names in the fashion world like Calvin Klein, Gucci, and Ray Ban are always in very high demand. Even our children have come to embrace the glasses look, aided no doubt by famous bespectacled characters in television and film like Harry Potter and Sponge Bob Squarepants (although he only wears his when jelly fishing).

With so many different frame variations available, there really is a style for everyone.

Eyeglass Frame Materials

The most typical eyeglass frames are constructed from metal or plastic. If you suffer from skin allergies or simply have extremely sensitive skin, you may require frames made from hypoallergenic materials such as titanium or stainless steel.

If durability is a concern, there are frames which are specially designed to be more flexible which incorporate materials that give slightly, as well as spring loaded hinges. These types of frames are often an ideal choice for rambunctious kids who are likely to be rough on their glasses.

There are also various different styles of nose pads that affect both the comfort of the glasses and their positioning on your face.

Eyeglass Frame Shapes

There is almost a dizzying array of eyeglasses frames on the market today. They range from subtle, rimless glasses where the side pieces attach directly to the lens rather than a frame, to big, bold, and chunky “nerd” frames that alter your look considerably.

Other styles include cat eye, aviator, translucent color, round, and wayfarer. There is such a variety that many people who enjoy changing their look often invest in several different eyeglass styles, switching up depending on the season, occasion, and their outfit. Oftentimes, high end glasses frames not only incorporate prestigious brand names but also include beautiful, intricate details like cutouts, inlays, or translucent backgrounds.

Finding a Shape that Suits You

Just because Taylor Swift looks fabulous in those thick, black frames doesn’t mean the style will look just as great on you. That’s because factors like face shape, size, and skin color all affect how a particular style will look on your face. The general rules to selecting frames that compliment you are:

  • Choose frames that contrast with your face shape
  • Choose frames that are an appropriate size for your face
  • Choose a color that compliments your skin tone

The first rule is fairly straightforward. For instance, if you have a round face shape then you should look at angular frame styles.

If on the other hand you have a rectangular face, you should look for rounded or oblong frames.

Paying attention to frame size simply means that you shouldn’t buy frames that are clearly too big or too small for your face. They’ll only make you look like you just ate one of the size-changing mushrooms from Alice in Wonderland!

And buying frames that agree with your skin tone (either cool or warm) will give an overall pleasing aesthetic effect.

Taking your time in selecting your eyeglasses frames will ensure that, far from being called “four eyes”, you’ll make everyone envious of your look.