Move over Farmville, Facebook has a new top game and it has only been out a couple of months.

Cityville, another release by developer Zynga, has taken the honor of becoming the most popular and widely used Facebook game in the history of the social networking site. This past weekend the game showed an average of more than 84 million users per month. Those numbers knock former record holder Farmville out of the top spot since they never achieved more than their March 2010 record of 83.76 million users.

The two games share many similarities that attract a lot of the same users, such as the tending of crops that skyrocketed Farmville to fame during its inception. However each game has a different theme and the idea of building a robust and thriving city that causes a person to interact more with their social circle seems to appeal to more users than the tedious farming ever did.

The fact that Cityville continues to gain around two million players daily and Facebook is still on a climb with users worldwise might lead this new game to topping itself and hitting the 100 million user per month benchmark.