Vladimir Makarov packFollowing the previous release of the Captain Price Legend Pack, it looks like more classic characters will soon be entering the modern Call of Duty universe.

Starting march 4th, Call of Duty: Ghosts players on Xbox platforms will be able to able to play as some of the franchise’s most popular villains.

Included in that sinister bunch is of course Modern Warfare 3’s Vladimir Makarov, but there are a few more options too. Ghosts antagonist Gabriel Rorke will be joining Call Of Duty 4’s Irman Zakhaev and a Hazmat-wearing combatant to spice up those  multiplayer matches.

Just like the other packs, each character will and include  a specialized weapon camo, patch, player card, reticle, and background that suits the purchased villain. Makarov will cost you $3.99, while the others are just $1.99.

For those that still happen to be playing Black Ops II, customization packs will also be in that game’s store on March 4th as well.

Details are scarce, but there will be four new options that include three reticles and an animated calling card.

One model is themed by nature, while the others involve racing, the wild west and zombies. Those will retail for $1.99 each.

As usual, Xbox gamers will be getting the content first, but it will eventually come to other platforms in the near future.

Do you plan on buying any of this DLC, or is Call Of Duty dead to you?