The classic multiplatform game “Indigo Prophecy,” has been given a breath to its glowing embers.

Known on Steam as “Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered,” the 2005 video game that met with positive reviews, was released on the digital distributing service, January 28th. Despite being titled as “Remastered,” little has changed from the original version. Differences from the source material that have indeed been implemented include higher resolution options, and content that was censored from the original outside of the international version, known as “Fahrenheit.”

An adventure-style game, the story involves multiple protagonists, but focuses primarily on a man who has just murdered another human being for unknown reasons both to the player, and to himself. He, along with the NYPD, investigate the crime, which leads to supernatural forces vying for control of the world.

While this version, as of this writing, appears to be afflicted with game-crashing bugs, reviews on Steam have been unanimously positive, with an emphasis on the strong story and nostalgia. Presently, its price on Steam is $9.99.

“Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered,” originally by Quantic Dreams, the creator of acclaimed games “Heavy Rain” and “Beyond: Two Souls,” now by developer Aspyr, is rated M for Mature, for depictions of violence, sexual imagery, and strong language.

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