Club Nintendo has decided to change things up a bit this year with its Gold and Platinum level member rewards.

Rather than offer actual physical items and downloadable rewards as they have in years past, all reward offerings in 2014 will be in downloadable form.

There are 8 titles available for Platinum or Gold members to choose from and another 8 downloadable games exclusively for members who earned Platinum status.

The downloadable rewards are compatible with either the Nintendo Wii U or 3DS. A complete list of available games can be found at Club Nintendo.

Nintendo shoppers can earn Gold or Platinum status by registering video games and consoles or completing surveys to earn coins at Once a Nintendo shopper has accumulated enough coins, they are awarded a Gold or Platinum status depending on how many coins they earned throughout the year.

Three hundred coins earns the consumer Gold status, while six hundred coins earns Platinum. The Club Nintendo year begins July 1st and ends June 30th.

The shift away from physical loot this year has left some loyal Nintendo customers disappointed. Others are happy with the downloadable game selection.

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