CMWrestling star CM Punk will be one of three  guests cozying up on AMC’s Talking Dead couch this week.

Other guests include Yvette Nicole Brown (Community Shirley), and Melissa McBride (TWD Carol).

Both ladies previously appeared on Talking Dead. March 16 marks CM’s first Talking Dead appearance.

CM Punk recently made headlines when he walked away from WWE stardom after seven years with the company. According to Bleacher Report, WWE fans blame the company for his decision to part ways and continue to chant his name at wrestling events.

Dedicated wrestling fans are sure to flock to AMC this Sunday to hear Punk’s reactions to The Walking Dead.

His insight may prove interesting given one of the few quotes found on his webpage is, “Take a foundation, no matter how strong, sprinkle generously with doubt, and watch it crumble. Me? I’m unf[*@%]withable.”

Hope versus doubt has been a major theme during The Walking Dead’s fourth season, so CM will likely share some very strong opinions.

Dedicated Dead fans are sure to have many questions for series star Melissa McBride (Carol). Previews for “The Grove” focus on her character as she travels with the controversial Lizzie, Mika and Tyreese.

Fans can tweet CM Punk, McBride, or host Chris Hardwick questions to @AMCTalkingDead. Chris selects tweets that he and his panelists answer live on air.

What questions will you ask?