CNN Digital Network is making huge strides in the online video industry. According to recent reports, CNN Digital Network mounted into the top 10 online video sites in March, increasing its unique viewers by 60%.

All of the top 10 online video brands saw an increase from previous month’s unique views. YouTube still holds the #1 spot with nearly 79 million unique viewers. VEVO holds fast to a distant #2 spot, while FaceBook comes in a close third.

One of the biggest reasons for CNN Digital Network’s boost is their coverage of the earthquakes and the tsunami in Japan. The streaming coverage caused them to achieve the largest month over month growth, with a dramatic 128% increase in streams.

On the rise as well is Netflix. The movie site ranks sixth in overall streams, but takes the #1 spot for the amount of time viewed. Netflix showed an increase of 28% in overall streams, while viewers spent nearly 10 hours on the site from home or work locations. That’s nearly an hour and a half longer than second ranked, which saw an average of 8 hours 30 minutes.

Online video usage is on the rise, and March numbers only reflect the increase. Every top 10 video site brand saw an increase in March, but CNN Digital Network takes the cake for the largest increase in a single month.