Codlight’s cPulse Innovating Cell Phone Cases

The cPulse case is a one of a kind cell phone case which allows users to customize the way the back of their cell phone appears.

Basically the case is an LED lighting system which allows customers to program the lights to create any lighting pattern or image their heart desires.

The cell phone case is just beginning to skim the surface of what it potentially could provide. For starters, the makers of cPulse claim that with certain modifications they can make their cases extraordinary, meaning they can incorporate some very impressive features into their cases.

One of those features is the idea that they can sync up with your mobile device to find your sleeping pattern. When it’s the time of day for you to be drowsy, the case lighting will display a sleepy color pattern; whereas if it’s time to be up and alert, the case lighting will display a bright and early pattern.

According to Codlight, the makers of cPulse, customers will also be capable of setting up custom lightning patterns for certain things like alerts, texts, phone calls, etc.

The cPulse case covers the front of your phone screen to ensure safety on both the front and back of your mobile device. This sets the case above other retail cases simply for having that feature, but additionally, the case also includes light up buttons for the front of your case (see picture).

All pricing and other information pertaining to the product can be found directly on the Kickstarter page for the product. Here, you will find all the information that you’ll need in order to get your hands on one of the best pieces of cell phone case technology that the world has to offer.