Comcast Launches Its Own Streaming Service

The list of choices that shoppers have when it comes to streaming movies and TV keeps growing.

Netflix has been the biggie for quite some time. They took a hit to their subscriber base when they split their streaming from their DVD rentals, effectively raising the price of the service for those who wanted both. Reports indicate that they have been recovering somewhat.

Hulu has also been around for a while, but recently they’ve been making a big push with their Hulu Plus subscription service. Earlier this month they announced the availability of Hulu Plus for the Nintendo Wii.

Redbox said this month that they will be hooking up with Verizon to offer streaming content.

Amazon is also offering streaming content to their Amazon Prime members. Unlike the others who offer monthly subscriptions, Amazon prime requires an annual subscription. Quite a few of the benefits come along with prime membership too, such as free two day shipping on many Amazon products. The recently indicated they would not offer a monthly stand-alone service.

And today, Comcast announced they would begin a streaming service called Xfinity Streampix. For now, it will only be available to customers that are already on Comcast Digital Cable TV (aka: Xfinity TV). Over the coming year, the streaming is to be extended over the internet to Xbox 360 consoles and Android powered devices.

According to Comcast, they will offer content from Disney-ABC Television Group, NBC/Universal, Sony Pictures, Warner Bros, Digital Distribution, and Cookie Jar Entertainment.

The new service from Comcast will become available this week. It will be free for Comcast customers subscribed to top-tier cable packages. For those with lower level packages, it will cost an extra $4.99 per month.

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