‘Sons of Anarchy’s’ final panel at Comic-Con before the debut of it’s last season was a bittersweet one for the cast and fans and you can see every moment of it right here.

The panel was full of humorous moments, punctuated by the sadness of knowing this glorious journey is headed towards it’s conclusion.

While nothing new or earth-shattering was revealed they did show new footage of season 7, featuring a much more vicious Jax.

The cast reminisced about past seasons and favorite moments, while each took a moment to thank the fans for their unwavering support over the years.

Almost everyone was there, including, Katey Sagal (Gemma), Kim Coates (Tig), Theo Rossi (Juice), Tommy Flanagan (Chibs), Jimmy Smits (Nero), Dayton Callie (Unser), Mark Boone Junior ( Bobby), Drea de Matteo ( Wendy), Niko Nicotera (Rat),  creator Kurt Sutter and executive producer Paris Barclay.

Charlie Hunnam (Jax), was scheduled to appear via satellite but couldn’t because he was “doing a really important service for Vogue” according to a laughing Kurt Sutter.

He was actually doing a photo shoot for Vogue and sent in a hysterical video taped message thanking the fans for their support while being massaged by Mark Boone Junior while Tim Coates served him a drink and Tommy Flanagan gave him a manicure.

Catch that video, which was directed by Executive Producer Paris Barclay, below.

Theo Rossi joked that more than 86% of the fans should expect him to die and Sutter quipped the one thing he’d like to take home from the set was: “his wife”.

Few, if any spoilers were revealed, but we did get confirmation that Tigs will get some action, odds are from returning transvestite Venus (played by Walton Goggins) and that Gemma will be even more multi-faceted when it comes to protecting her family.

As for the new footage, it shows Jax in the beginning of the clip and the end viciously beating up and carving a Swastika into another prisoners stomach.  In between that footage is video of Juice half-naked doing push-ups and feeling guilty, Unser at Tara’s grave, Nero also at Tara’s grave and estranged from Gemma, Tig and Bobby are seen riding with the Grim Bastards and Gemma’s raising Jax’s boys.

Sutter once again reiterated that Jax will have one purpose this season: to find Tara’s murderer and will be “creating chaos instead of reacting to it like he usually does.”

He also once again gave fans a slight ray of hope to the characters fates, saying: ” when the heck did this become a show about people who die?  Isn’t there more to the show than that?”

Personally, I think there’s a lot more to the show than death and think far fewer people will die than many fans expect.

Fans will also be happy to hear that Sutter is in fact in talks with FX about the rumored prequel miniseries featuring Clay and John Teller.

There will also be a novel coming out, called ‘Sons of Anarchy: Bratva’ that narrates the aftermath of season 4, with Jax, Opie and Chibs getting into it with the Russians.

The seventh and final season of ‘Sons of Anarchy”  premieres September 9 at 10 P.M. (EST) with a one hour and forty-five minute episode.

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Check out the final SOA Comic-con Panel below, as well as Charlie Hunnam’s hilarious video.