Coming Soon? Live TV On iPad For Comcast Cable Customers

Comcast is currently in the process of putting together a new steaming video service for the Apple iPad, reports MacRumors.

The service, which is called AnyPlay, is expected to be a separate service to Comcast’s Xfinity TV streaming service.

AnyPlay will allow Comcast subscribes to view live TV from their iPad, provided that the device is connected to a Motorola wifi router (which will be supplied by the company). AnyPlay will not work on any other Wi-Fi connections or wireless networks.

According to the report, Comcast’s new service will allow subscribers to register up to 10 different tablets, but live TV will not be able to be viewed on two iPads at the same time.

Comcast, which is currently the United State’s largest cable and internet provider, looks as if it is going to offer this service in an attempt to compete with rivals such as Cablevision and Time Warner.

Comcast has yet to make an official announcement regarding AnyPlay, so there is no current information in regards to when the service will be available to the public.

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