Coming To An ATM Near You: Live Video Teller Chat

Coming To An ATM Near You: Live Video Teller Chat

Customer conducts ATM transaction with the help of a remote teller.

The banking industry is in the process of adding to ATMs new technology that allows customers to interact with live bank tellers via video chat.

While customers are still able to withdraw and deposit funds, obtain account balances, and transfer money between accounts without interaction with a remote teller, the new system also allows customers to cash checks and complete other transactions that are traditionally handled inside the bank.

And in the event that the customer does not have access to his or her ATM card, they are able to complete transactions by scanning a valid driver’s license instead.

Coastal Federal Credit Union in Raleigh, NC, has converted its entire banking operation to the remote teller method, which allows for a faster and more secure banking experience.

Coastal Federal chief retail officer, Williard Ross stated, “They’re more convenient, faster and safer. Robberies basically go away with this–and they allow us to provide better service.”

Atlanta-based NCR developed the technology behind the remote teller ATMs and currently has approximately 350 machines in operation.

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