SmartphoneCompanies are behind the curve in managing the use of their employee’s mobile devices, according to a new study done by International Data Corp. (IDC) and sponsored by Unisys Corp.

The study found that tech savvy workers are blurring the line between work and home use of their mobile phones, computers and social media applications. Many workers report that they are purchasing their own , often more powerful, devices and using them during both work and personal time.

A separate survey sponsored by Unisys found that administrators and managers were often unaware of what technology their employers are using in their day to day activities to get their work done.  This brings forth questions about how employers can track work and personal usage percentages, how those percentages can be applied to budgeting, and what costs the employer and employee should be responsible for.

The reports found that employees report that they are using smartphones, mobile phones, and laptops at double the amount of time that their employers think they are.  That about half of mobile devices are used for both work and personal use, with work and personal data being intermingled freely.  And despite the diversity of devices, ownership, and mix of personal and business data, 73% of IT executives believe their networks are very secure.

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