Company: “Real Ham Bones” Are Safe, Despite Reported Deaths

The BBB has been warning dog owners about Real Ham Bone, a dog treat made by Dynamic Pet Products, for years.

Yet they remain on the market and the company acts ignorant of complaints.

After comparing the cooked ham bones to toys such as bikes and Legos, company president David Frick said, “We don’t think we have a problem. […] The bones, like the toys, are safe when used properly.”

A spokesperson for Dynamic Pet Products also said, “The quality of our products and safety of the pets that enjoy the products are our top priorities. Our customer satisfaction rate is 99.9988 percent.”

The satisfaction rate reported by consumers online is no where near that high though. In fact, it looks like the opposite may be true.

Consumer Affairs, a popular site for customers to review products, has 85 reviews on Dynamic Pet Products’ Real Ham Bone. Out of these 85 reviews, 57 people gave the ham bone a one-star rating, 3 people gave the ham bone a two-star rating, and only 1 person gave the ham bone a five-star rating.

Amazon has 93 reviews on Dynamic Pet Products’ Real Ham Bone. Out of these 93 reviews, 92 people gave the ham bone a one-star rating, while only 1 person gave the ham bone a five-star rating.

Out of 181 reviews, only 2 people reported being satisfied with Real Ham Bone. The negative ratings include one complaint after another of dogs becoming sick.

Some examples:

• Writing about her dog’s death on Consumer Affairs, Lisa of Onset, MA, said that after giving her dog a Real Ham Bone: “…she started vomiting and being constipated. By Sunday she was very ill urinating everywhere, vomiting, lethargic, crying and constipated, struggling for hours and hours trying to make a bowel movement. On Monday I brought her to the vet. The X-ray showed at least 5 inches of her colon obstructed by the chewed up bone fragments from this horrible dangerous bone. The vet said she has never seen something so bad it felt like a brick.

• Rene of Vancouver, WA, wrote on Consumer Affairs: “On February 21, 2015 I bought a dynamic ham bone for my dog, Checkers. I gave it to him. Within 8 hrs he was throwing up, panting, pacing, and having diarrhea. I rushed him to the vet they xrayed him and found bone splinters in his stomach. He needed IV therapy for a couple of days, powerful pain medication, and antibiotics and be on a special diet. I knew cooked bones aren’t good for dogs but I thought if they sell it in the pet section that it must be safe. It won’t splinter. Well I was wrong.

• Stephanie wrote on Amazon: “I purchased a Real Ham Bone made by Dynamic Pet Products, from Wal-Mart on Sunday 3/1/15. I gave it to Fred, our bassett hound, he chewed on it and ingested some. By Monday morning 3/2/15, he was vomiting and having severe diarrhea. By the afternoon, he was bleeding out of his rectum and we rushed him to the vet. He was put in intensive care and we were told he was so sick, the vet recommended we put him to sleep. I am never going to forgive myself for buying him that deadly treat.

And yet, the company says there’s no problem with the product.

What do you think of Dynamic Pet Products continuing to sell their “Real Ham Bone”?

Has your dog gotten sick or died because of eating one?

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