just launched their new health insurance comparison site.

According to the company, shoppers can compare and chose from over 90,000 health insurance plans from up to 200 different carriers. The company bills itself as the “Kayak” of health insurance plans. 

“Everyone should shop around, even if they like the insurance they have now,” says Jeff Smedsrud, co-founder and CEO of “We are non-political, and completely agnostic as to which company a consumer chooses, and how they choose to enroll.”

Upon entering the comparison site, shoppers enter their ZIP Code’s and then choose from an allotment of insurance products (Health, Short-Term, Supplemental, Medicare, Small Business and Dental).

A short questionnaire asks for your household income, date of birth, gender and tobacco use. Other factors, such as having a spouse or dependents, are also taken into consideration.

Once you’ve found your desired plan, you can apply over the phone with a licensed adviser, or set an appointment with a local agent.

“Our goal is to become a destination website for a variety of healthcare searches, similar to how travel or real estate websites aggregate thousands of options with a few clicks,” added Smedsrud.

The open enrollment period runs from Nov. 15, 2014 to Feb. 15, 2015. When the enrollment period is closed, a “special” enrollment program begins, which is where the program now stands. During these “special” periods, only those barring a life-changing event, such as loss of coverage, marriage or divorce, can qualify for enrollment.

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