Consumer Alert: Fake Publix Coupon Circulating Online

Consumers beware: there is a fake Publix coupon circulating online and being shared by shoppers who thought they were getting a sweet deal.

The coupon, which you can see below, offers $75 off a purchase of $80 or more, supposedly to honor the chains 89th Anniversary.

Publix found out about the fraudulent coupon and immediately took to Twitter to post a picture of it, saying it is not a valid offer and not to click on it or save it.

They also issued a statement via their Facebook page, saying:

“There is a fraudulent Publix coupon circulating on social media that states ‘$75 off your purchase of $80 or more’. This is not supported by Publix and this coupon is not valid at any of our locations. We recommend not participating in the promotion or providing your personal information. Thank you for your patience as we investigate this situation.”

Publix, and other grocery chains, like Shoprite, were the victims of fraudulent coupons last year as well.

If you see this coupon online, report it to Publix and please share this so others can be warned.

Consumer Expert Tracy Ortiz

I am a mom to 2 little boys: a 10 year- old and an 8 year-old and they are the only things I love more than writing. I am an avid reader, a big sports fan and love a good deal. Most of all, I love keeping up on the latest consumer news and sharing my findings with all of you. When I'm not writing I'm painting- check out my latest in my shop: