Costa Rica Hostel Review: Casa Luna

At first glance, Casa Luna Hostel is nothing more than a  pink wall in a slightly upper class Costa Rican neighborhood. A friendly guard watches the street from about 20 meters (50 feet) away on the left, and to the right the street gently curves out of site, lined by by the typical mason houses with black wrought-iron bar covered windows. As soon as you step in the door of “casa 38” however, the bright pink and yellow painting of the garage/welcome area immediately brightens your mood. This same paint job continues up the small flight of stairs and into the main living area and kitchen.

I stayed at Casa Luna for a month, which cost $200 for a medium room. This is not a hotel, it is a hostel, and the price is decent for anybody traveling on a budget. They’re located in Sabanilla, which is a small suburb/town about 10 minutes away from the capital city of San Jose. It is quieter and safer than the central city, although my room had a window facing the street, where construction would start at 7 a.m. sharp every single day. Johan, the manager is very pleasant, and there is free maid service every week.

Upsides would be that the rooms are very tidy, with a full size bed, computer desk, private bathroom with shower in every room, and full use of the kitchen. The price is also very reasonable; they offer nightly, weekly, and monthly rates.

Downsides, in my experience, were that the oven didn’t work (stove worked fine) so if you plan on baking any cookies during your stay you might be out of luck. Sometimes another guest would be watching TV late at night, and if you’re staying on the bottom floor you can hear every single word spoken. There is no laundry service on site, but a 5 minute walk brings you to a local laundry service (lavanderia). Oh and the colorful walls are quaint at first, but after the third week you start to feel like you’re living inside a Mcdonalds play pen. My vote is 3.5 stars out of 5.

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