Could Groupon Become Your First Stop For Local Deals?

In recent years many shoppers have gone to one of two sites for online deals, Amazon or Google.

Amazon is by far the largest online retailer and stocks pretty much everything at very competitive prices.

Google, on the other hand, is usually the starting point for anyone who doesn’t go straight to Amazon and for people who need a local service. Whether it’s a restaurant voucher, a local spa treatment, or perhaps an attempt to find a new hairdresser after a disastrous cut last time around, people will tend head to Google to begin those types of searches.

However, Groupon is looking to change all this. Last week they announced that they’re aiming to become the starting point for anyone looking for a local deal or service. In North America at any one time, they currently have an impressive 27,000 local deals.

Groupon is looking to move away from the push email approach where we all get bombarded with irrelevant deals each day, to instead become a local deals destination.

In their own words, “We’ve increased our North American selection of active deals by nearly 13 times, to more than 27,000… As of today we’ve opened the doors so you can search and browse that inventory of deals… Just type in an address, a neighborhood, or a city, and we’ll instantly find the closest, most relevant deals for that location.”

Can Groupon change your shopping habits and encourage you to head straight to them when looking for a local restaurant, spa or dentist? Let us know in the comments section below!

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