The U.S. State Department is among many countries that are urging citizens to avoid any unnecessary travel to Japan at this time.

There are still four major airports closed due to the recent disasters taking place. Sendai, Ado, Iwate- Hanamaki and Misawa airports all remain closed.  Due to this, many flights from the U.S. have been canceled over the past few days. However, some airlines with flights to other airports have resumed their service in spite of the travel warnings.

Due to the travel alert, the biggest carriers in the U.S. for flights to Japan are waving their rebooking penalties for passengers who wish to change their flight plans. Passengers of American Airlines, Continental Airlines, Delta Air Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines and United Airlines can check with their carrier to see the conditions of rebooking and the dates the penalties are waived.

Travel insurance is also affected by the disaster. Those who had previously purchased insurance are being advised by consumer advocates to check with their carrier to see about any coverage for losses incurred from the earthquake and tsunami. Consumers attempting to purchase insurance at this time will be unable to obtain coverage for any losses that may be acquired, now that the disaster is a known event.