An expecting couple from Minnesota has decided to place whether the choose to give birth or not on an internet poll on their website.

Pete and Alisha Arnold created the website and have debunked speculation that the site was set up as a joke or a way to speak out against abortion. The couple says that even though they are 17 weeks pregnant, they have been through several miscarriages and are unsure if they are ready for parenthood.

Though the couple says the poll will influence their decision greatly, they admit the results are not binding. They will, in the end, make the decision they feel is best. However, they do say that the results of the poll will play a large part in that decision.

The Arnolds have been married for ten years and have suffered two miscarriages earlier in the year. On the website they both have shared their excitement and fears about impending parenthood and all it entails.

The couple plans to leave the poll running until December 7. This is two days before Alisha is no longer legally able to get an abortion in the state of Minnesota.

The poll itself is closely divided on the issue, but the comments show that many readers are against abortion. Many are in disbelief the website can be real as it gains nationwide popularity.

Pete says that for every ten comments of anger and hatred they have received, there has been one that was positive and blew the others away.