Coupon Man Reveals How He Gets Free Groceries

Dale North of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina did the unthinkable — North got $2,300 worth of groceries for only $54.67 by method of extreme couponing.

Paula Caruso, News Anchor for WMBF News, recently followed and reported on North’s extreme couponing trip to a Kroger store, where North saved 100% on his grocery bill.

North spends several hours a day (4-5 to be exact) clipping coupons out of the Sunday paper, ordering them online, printing them out, and matching the offers to offers in other weekly sale papers.

After ringing up his total of $2,300 in groceries and products, which filled nine shopping carts, the cashier began scanning the coupons North spends over 25 hours a week collecting. Due to extreme couponing, North ended up with a final bill of $54.67 for his groceries. North also received $62 in fuel discounts. He actually made money on his trip to the store.

According to Montreal Gazette, one technique of extreme couponing is called “stacking,” a term that describes the combined use of coupons from different sources in order to pay for a single item.

Although couponing has toned down a bit, avid users have actually grown from representing only 11% of  American households in 2009 to 13% in of last year. 70% of all couponing in 2010 is supposedly linked to these couponing enthusiasts, Reports the researching firm Nielsen.

Due to North and other extreme couponing enthusiast’s efforts, U.S. retail giants have begun to create strict rules and regulations to guard themselves against possible abuse of the couponing system.

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