On March 30, 2011 the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced the termination of the All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Action Plan for SunL Group, Incorporated in Irving, Texas. Immediately, no ATV subject to this action plan may be imported or distributed commercially.

An ATV Action Plan is the plan of action a company is required to carry out in order to promote ATV safety. This plan includes rider training, public safety awareness, age recommendations, and the marketing and sale of all terrain vehicles. All ATV manufacturers and distributors are required by law to submit to a CPSC approved Action Plan.

The CPSC received notice that the SunL group has gone out of business, making it impossible for them to fulfill the terms of their ATV Action Plan. On March 29, 2011 the CPSC terminated the Action Plan.

Because it is out of business, the company is unable to provide a solution to its 2008 recall of SLA90 Youth ATVs. The CPSC advises that anyone an SLA90 Youth AT from SunL Group cease its use immediately. The ATV does not have front brakes, a manual fuel shut off, or padding on the sharp edges of the handlebars. The youth ATV does not include a tire pressure gauge or an appropriate flag pole bracket.

The risk of death is serious, according to the CPSC, because of the defects and the fact that children who commonly use this type of ATV are just learning to ride and do not have the experience to avoid the hazards associated with the defects. Consumers are being advised to check the youth ATV for the listed components before continuing use of the ATV.