Portal 2 is the sequel to Portal, named Game of the Year in 2007 by more than 30 publications worldwide. Portal 2 was staged to break new ground for next generation gamers. Developed by Valve and published by Electronic Arts, the latest Portal game is getting rave reviews from critics, but mixed reviews from fans.

An early release on Monday by GAME and Gamestation stores was followed by a full release on Tuesday in the United States. The Metacritic user score for Portal 2 reflected a drastic upset from fans, reducing the game’s user score from 10 to 7.4 overall. Metacritic revealed that the critic score remains at 95 out of 100.

Many new users rave about the game’s storyline, stating that it leads directly from its predecessor, and the humor for which Valve is known. Some users, though, seem disappointed, touting short running times, and console platform features that don’t work for all platforms. Others are claiming that the gameplay is dissimilar to the original, being less than adequate for all the hype, and as such, the game is too expensive for the quality.

Despite the apparent upset by some users, the acclaim of Portal 2 has not been derailed. The game is hailed all over the internet by gaming sites like PC Gamer, IGN, Giant Bomb, and yes, Metacritic.