The long awaited introduction of Charles Trippy‘s new girlfriend ‘Squiggles’, Allie Wesenberg, to the vlogs finally came in today’s vlog.

Allie’s face had previously been either avoided or squiggled out, hence her nickname.  However, in today’s vlog, she made her first appearance.

Charles started off the vlog by introducing her: “Good morning, guys.  Ventura, California.  And look who’s here!”  He turned and showed her face on camera for the first time, then said, “We got Squiggles, a.k.a. Allie.  She’s here for her first show.  It’s her first time in the videos.”

Allie’s face has been shown plenty via Charles’ Instagram, but had yet to be shown in the daily vlogs.

Her introduction caused a significant amount of controversy within the comments, mostly about her name.  Charles recently divorced from his wife, Alli Speed, after daily vlogging with her for over 5 years.

Charles was also engaged to another girl named Ally Rhodes prior to his relationship with Alli Speed, making Allie Wesenberg Charles’ third public relationship in a row with a girl with that name. He filmed his proposal to Ally Rhodes here.

Charles left a comment on the vlog, joking about her name:

“yeah, we get it – her name is “allie”. what can i say? its an addiction? lol”

Are you happy that Charles has finally introduces ‘Squiggles’?  Are you hoping to see her more throughout the vlogs?  Let us know!