CTFxC Merch: New Zoey and Marley Plushie Set!

Zoey and Marley are two huge parts of the CTFxC.  Among a significant amount of other merchandise (shirts, hoodies, bracelets, posters, etc.), DFTBA and CTFxC have introduced plush toys of each of the famous dogs.

The plushies are sold as a set, one of each dog.  The Zoey plush measures 9″ tall while the Marley plush measures 7″ tall.  The plushie set is priced at $45.00.

DFTBA is doing a limited first run on the plushie set with only 1,000 in stock, first come first serve, according to Charles Trippy.

All CTFxC merch can be purchased here.  The plushie set can be purchased here.

Do you own any CTFxC merch?  Do you plan on purchasing any?  Let us know!

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Update: June 12, 2014

$5 from each sale will be donated to local animal shelters.

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