Set for release on September 1, 2014, “Custom Confections” by Jen Besel, is billed by its publisher, Capstone Young Readers, as a follow up to their best-seller “Dessert Designer”.

It is a beautifully written and crafted cookbook that claims it contains 40 recipes that are “easy” enough that kids can make them.

The recipes, indeed, are well laid out and easy to follow. The supporting pictures are stunning examples of food photography.

I have no doubt that someone with experience, or a professional, would find it an invaluable tool, especially for entertaining children of all ages.

But being a mother of six children, two of them very gifted in the kitchen, I found only a few recipes that I would call simple enough that a child can actually accomplish with little help and have turn out anywhere near its representation in the photographs.

With that said, I think the photos are exquisite, the recipes are fun and festive, and the overall book is well put together.

I’d use it to prepare for my children’s next birthday parties.

What do you think?

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