Cutting The Cord: More Cable TV Alternatives On The Way

Net TV is becoming more and more of a norm in many households and internet users as of recent. Approximately 55% of US households subscribe to a streaming TV service such as Netflix or Amazon’s Prime Instant Video.

As a result, cable and entertainment companies are beginning to develop similar services. Dish Network has begun creating a stripped-back subscription of their normal cable service, called Sling TV.

The service offers about a dozen or so channels, and can be expanded through packages. $20 dollars for the base package, and $5 per package extra.

The service will be  used on already existing devices such as the Xbox One, Fire TV and desktops for example. Many more are planned as partnerships and the software gets more refined.

Verizon has already released their TV streaming service, with varying plans for specific customers,with prices ranging from $10/month to $89/month

Sony is also planning on developing a streaming service known as Playstation Vue, which can be used on existing PS3 and PS4 consoles. The subscription will be around $60 dollars, but will grab 75 channels.

Even some channels such as HBO, CBS, ESPN and Showtime are all planning separate streaming services for those that want to “cut the cord” on cable and get what they want.

However, many of these new streaming alternatives will have a tough time competing with already established services, especially Netflix and Prime Video.

What is your reaction towards the mass of companies beginning to shift towards streaming through the internet rather than the classic cable box. Do you already use any online TV streaming services? Would you try any of the above services if you had a chance.

Leave your opinion below!

Consumer Expert Tanner Geiger

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