CW’s Supernatural S7 Out On DVD & Blu-ray Now! [Trailer]

CW’s Supernatural S7 Out On DVD & Blu-ray Now! [Trailer]

Supernatural Season 7

The Winchester Brothers are back!

On September 18, the newest season of Supernatural came out on DVD and Bluray.

The show stars Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki as Dean and Sam Winchester, brothers sworn to protect our world from the supernatural and paranormal beyond our comprehension. After having to deal with the literal forces of Heaven and Hell, the boys find themselves being tracked by demons and the like.

According to the summary, as written on the back of the Season 7 Collection:

“In Season 7, Sam and Dean fight demons. Real demons, like Lucifer, who tortures Sam with visions of Hell. Private demons, as the brothers face a traumatic personal loss when Bobby is cut down by alien forces. And as Sam and Dean travel the back roads of America, hunting monsters who wreak havoc on the innocent, a new and more terrible foe hunts them: Leviathans, freed from Purgatory and immune to the brothers’ arsenal of weapons and cunning. With Bobby gone, all Sam and Dean can rely on is each other. But will that be enough?”

Supernatural itself, has won two People Choice Awards for ‘Best Network TV Drama,’ as well as “Best Sci-Fi TV Series.’

The network put Season 7 out just in time for the shows’ 8th season to begin October 3, 2012 on the CW network.


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