Talk about bad timing: crashed earlier today due to the high traffic it received for Cyber Monday, according to a message on their website.

According to reports the site received twice as many people trying to access it as the prior business day, causing it to slow or crash for some customers.

To deal with the problem and ensure everyone gets to shop Target has set up a queue to limit the number of users at any one time, rather than letting everyone access it and have it run slow or crash again.

This means that some will have to wait a few moments to use the site; you can see a picture of the message below.

Molly Snyder, spokeswoman for Target addressed the issue, saying:” is not down…We continue to receive and process thousands of orders from guests who are shopping the entire site and taking advantage of the discount coupled with free shipping. We apologize to guests who experience any delays, we appreciate their patience, and encourage them to try again in a few minutes by refreshing their browser.”targe

those who are patient can take advantage of their various Cyber Monday deals, including 15% off site-wide and 30% off select clothing, jewelry and home goods.

Will Target’s technical problems force you to shop elsewhere?

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