Predictions indicate that this year’s Cyber Monday deals are expected to rival the deals that were found in stores on Black Friday.

Cyber Monday is a day when people generally turn to their computer to surf and shop for holiday gifts.  Five years ago when retailers noticed that the Monday after Thanksgiving held record sales online, the term Cyber Monday was coined and since then it has gone from a general day of shopping to a day when merchants offer an entirely new set of deals for consumers.

This year 88% of retailers are expected to offer some type of special deals to customers on Monday. Some of these merchants will offer a variety of items from home and garden to toys. However, it is widely believed that electronics will rule the day as many merchants prepare to offer up their biggest items at their deepest discounts.

Some of the merchants involved in Cyber Monday also held Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday sales as well, but now they are gearing up for a completely new round of deals for customers. Many of these deals are believed to be equal to or greater than those deals offered last week in stores.

Some companies do not have retail establishments to offer deals at such as, Amazon and Tiger Direct; but these places are also getting ready for what they hope to be their biggest sales day yet. They have come up with special deals for their customers and are ready to see the sales add up.

Some merchants have added extra days to their Cyber Monday deals with many beginning on Sunday.

The majority of online deals will include some form of free shipping in their offers to help entice customers to buy from them. It is not uncommon, however, for these Cyber Monday deals to sell out as quickly as Black Friday deals do. So it is advised that serious shoppers start early if they want to guarantee to get the item they have been wanting.