Cyber Monday Mega Deals From CyberPowerPC

If you’re looking for absolutely amazing deals on high-end, custom built gaming computers, look no further.

CyberPowerPC is an online company that will build any PC you want with any specifications, set up the OS, and ship it to your doorstep. CyberPower is known for two things. The first of these being their absolutely amazing sales. The current of which is the Cyber Monday Mega Sale.

If you order a featured system, they’re slashing prices by up to 500$ and offering completely free shipping. If you want rush shipping, you’re going to have to pay extra though.

If you want to start from scratch and build a system yourself, the offers for mail in rebates are amazing. There’s an instant 1000$ rebate for any Radeon R9 videocard, a 50$ rebate for all LC LCD monitors, and various rebates for select Corsair power supply units.

There’s also items with even lower prices – the price of free. If you order a PC for this sale, you can get a free Zalman ZM-HPS200 gaming headset, a free gigabyte 802.11 AC/Bluetooth 4.0 with all Gigabyte motherboards, and free upgrades to your videocard.

You really can’t go wrong in a sell from CyberPower. I personally bought my own custom built PC from them and I’m 100% satisfied.

Beware, I never mentioned the second thing CyberPower is known for – their customer service. While you have warranty and technical support for your purchase, it;s hard to even get them on the phone to talk to you. And even when you do, you’re in for a rough time.

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