Daughtry To Release New Album “Baptized” On November 19th

Daughtry To Release New Album “Baptized” On November 19th

On November 19th, ultra successful rock band Daughtry is set to release their fourth studio album, Baptized.

As of right now they have two singles out, Waiting For Superman and Long Live Rock & Roll.

Both songs seem to fall into the pop/rock category, which seems to be the road Daughtry has chosen to go down in the past several years.

Since their debut, the self titled album Daughtry released in 2007, they have been one of the top rock bands in the entire world.

Their lead singer and former American Idol contestant Chris Daughtry has cemented himself as one of the best vocalists in modern rock.

It seems that his presence alone almost overshadows the entire band.

What’s to expect from this album? From what I’ve heard, expect to hear something similar to their last two albums releases, Leave This Town and Break The Spell.

This album should be gigantic, as Daughtry is one of the most popular bands in the world today.

Here’s the track list,

1. Baptized
2. Waiting for Superman
3. Battleships
4. I’ll Fight
5. Wild Heart
6. Long Live Rock & Roll
7. The World We Knew
8. High Above the Ground
9. Broken Arrows
10. Witness
11. Traitor
12. 18 Years

The album releases November 15th in Germany, and November 19th in the United States.

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