The demand for Toyota cars has declined over the last year. During that time frame, Toyota has received a large amount of bad publicity due to safety recalls.

A report from, titled The Consumer Lead Index, was recently released.  It showed that leads for Toyota cars and trucks declined by almost 5% over last year on Leads measured month by month have also declined. 

Patrick Olsen, Editor in Chief, said “While the Toyota trend is somewhat expected, what’s more interesting is the fact that Honda has seen a significant decline as well.”

Executives from Honda have said their declines may be a consumer backlash related to the Toyota recalls, as US consumers may be experiencing a mistrust of all Japanese cars.

However, the Honda decline was even higher than Toyota’s. measured a decline of almost 11% for Honda.

Korean manufacture Hyundai seems to be on the rise, as demonstrated by a 149% increase in leads generated this May as compared to May one year ago. Leads for the Hyundai sonata were up 30% in the last month alone.