Apple stores will begin displaying the Apple Watch on April 10, where shoppers may try the watch on and check out its features.

Apple will also start taking preorders for the Apple Watch on April 10. Apple has set an April 24 release date for the watch in the US, as well as Canada, Australia, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, and the United Kingdom.

More countries will be added over time.

The Apple Watch comes in three collections: Apple Watch, Apple Watch Edition, and Apple Watch Sport, with two sizes and a variety of case and band colors to choose from.

Prices for Apple Watch  start at $349 and go up to over $10,000 depending on the collection, band, and size.

The Apple Watch collection comes in two finishes: Traditional and Space Black.

Apple Watch Sport comes with Silver or Space Gray cases.

Apple Watch Edition features an 18-karat Solid Yellow or Rose Gold case.

With features like something out of Back to the Future, the technology has finally arrived at Apple that lets users complete a variety of tasks or functions– all through their watch. Some of this technology has already been available on other smart watches like Pebble.

Users can have a conversation, control their garage door from afar, or text from their watch.

Wearers can receive a notification, then see, answer, and make calls right on the watch.

Another fun feature, you can sketch on your watch and a friend can see the exact same animation on their watch. Users can even send a heartbeat or “tap” their friend’s watch from afar with Digital Touch.

Apple Watch communicates over Bluetooth or WiFi with the iPhone and the battery life runs approximately 18 hours. It’s charged with a magnetic charger that snaps to the back of the watch.

Notifications from iPhones can automatically appear on Apple Watch. Tim Cook notes this lets sports fans keep track of their favorite teams.

Glances, accessible by swiping up, provides summaries of most-used information. It allows users to quickly see information about anything including business data, Twitter, weather, flights, and more.

The Now Playing Glance lets users control music.

Siri is accessible by voice on Apple Watch with “Hey Siri”, just like the iPhone.

Apple Pay also works on Apple Watch.

Boarding passes can even be pulled up from Passbook on the Apple Watch’s screen. Kevin Lynch said it can be waved in front of the scanner and eliminates the need for a paper pass.

Watch wearers can check into hotels and unlock their room by using the SPG app.

Aiming to compete with fitness bands, Apple Watch has a new Workout app that provides detailed metrics such as calories burned and miles run. Reminders and daily goals can also be set.

Apple revealed that it gave an Apple Watch to the Founder of Every Mother Counts and model Christy Turlington Burns. She ran a half-marathon with it in Africa and is the first person to complete one wearing an Apple Watch, according to Cook. She also made a surprise appearance on stage at the Apple Event.

Turlington Burns said she relied on the watch “quite heavily” during the race and used it to track elevation changes during the course.

She’ll be doing a weekly blog on, where fans can follow her training for her next big marathon in London.

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