Destiny Destined For Release Day Connection Problems?

Today is launch day for Destiny, the latest video game blockbuster from Bungie, and reports are coming in that gamers on both the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live are having trouble connecting to the games servers.

Launch day issues are nothing new for big name releases, but many hoped Destiny could avoid this all too common fate.

Prior to release Bungie ran an extended beta testing period to help predict player demand, and the developer had stated they did not expect any problems for the full release.

While it seems that not everyone is affected by the problems, some PlayStation and Xbox owners have been taking to social media to vent their frustration.

Reported problems range from not being able to play at all, to missing in game chat and large amounts of lag.

Problems with the online service are particularly disruptive for Destiny, as players must connect to the online servers to play – even if they are playing alone.

The launch of GTA V last year left many players unable to play its multi-player content for days after release, but at least they could content themselves with causing single player mayhem.

Anyone experiencing problems playing the game should head over to the Bungie Help forum.

Are you having any Destiny connection problems, or has the launch gone smoothly for you?

Join the discussion below and let us know.

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