Destiny Patch 1.0.3: Preview of the Important parts.

Bungie has once again announced a mysterious patch with very little information and no release date.

The message boards are lighting up with predictions, speculation, rage and joy.

Here I will cover what I have discovered thus far and what everyone needs to know.

If you have completed the Vault of Glass on hard difficulty chances are you did so by walking Atheon off the edge with several damage over time grenades.

Apparently this was not intended, they consider it an exploit even though it takes just as much practice and time positioning him properly to achieve this as it would to be do the fight the “normal” way.

This will be patched, hopefully you already got your hard mode Atheon specific drops.

Also in Atheon, picking your “portal team” is no longer possible. They will be changing it so that Atheon transports three random people, so get ready to be frustrated by people who have no idea what they are doing all over again.

I would advise a normal clear first if you are used to starting hard mode first.

One huge change that I am looking forward to is a buff to the Vex Mythoclast. A weapon I received shortly after they lowered its damage by 37%.

People complained it was “too powerful” in the crucible when battling other players so, as all developers do, tried to fix it and overcompensated.

Now any one of my upgraded vanguard weapons does more damage than the most powerful and rare weapon in the game. They decided they reached too far and will be increasing the damage and attack power for player vs environment encounters. A change they couldn’t implement fast enough.

Additionally, the next time the Iron Banner is accessible the rewards will be substantially improved. You will be able to reach level thirty using iron banner gear. A welcome change for people like my clan member who has cleared the raid nine times and received no raid gear drops.

As with any MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) patch there will be good changes and bad changes.

Do you have anything to add?

Please comment below with any other information or reach out to me on any social media sites.

Happy hunting.

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