ABC News officially announced the restructuring of World News, including Diane Sawyer‘s decision to step down as head news Anchor and Managing Editor of World News Wednesday morning.

David Muir, weekend news Anchor for World News, is being promoted to Head News Anchor and Managing Editor as her successor.

Well-known reporter George Stephanopoulos was promoted as well.  He will be anchoring breaking news segments as well as leading “ABC News election coverage starting with the mid-terms this fall, the 2016 presidential race and beyond.”

While Sawyer will no longer be the head news Anchor, she will still be taking on smaller roles such as interviews and larger news reporting issues.

Diane Sawyer expressed her gratitude towards the network:

“After wonderful years at ‘World News’ I decided it is time to move to a new full time role at ABC News. I’ll be joined by an incredible team of journalists dedicated to enterprise reporting, innovative approaches to breaking news and new ways of thinking about big issues and events around the world.  I can’t wait to continue bringing more of my specials to prime time and appearing on all ABC News broadcasts, as well. And to my friends and colleagues George and David – congratulations. I look forward to exciting work together and great times ahead.”

Jack Mirkinson of The Huffington Post made the observation that “Sawyer’s departure means that, once again, all three main evening news broadcasts will be anchored by white men.”

Sawyer will be replaced by weekend anchor David Muir beginning September 2, 2014.

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