Different Types of Affordable Spa Treatments for Men

Different Types of Affordable Spa Treatments for Men

Many women regularly go to a spa to pamper themselves, but a lot of men shy away from seeking out spa treatments.

Why is there such a stigma attached to male spa-goers?

What benefits can men receive from going to the spa?

Here are a few reasons why men should put their preconceptions aside and try out some spa treatments.


This treatment is like a sandblaster for your skin: it buffs away dirt, debris, and dead skin cells that have accumulated on your face.

If you’re envisioning a green mask with cucumber slices on your eyes, think again. During this procedure, the therapist will use a small, wand-like device with small granules to buff the skin, and a vacuum that sucks away the waste.

The newly-exposed skin is then treated with aloe-vera and water. The process isn’t painful, but it’s not exactly relaxing, either.


Nobody likes to get waxed, but everybody loves the end result of a waxing session. Whether you want to shape your chest hair, clean up your eyebrows, or get rid of your back and butt hair, an aesthetician can remove any and all unwanted hair from your body.

It definitely hurts, but over time, it becomes less painful and has to be performed less often.

The hair can take weeks to grow back, which means waxing requires far less upkeep than shaving.

Embarrassed about your body hair? Don’t worry—aestheticians have seen it all, and as professionals they can handle it.


A pedicure is an incredible way to care for one of the most neglected parts of the body: the feet. Think about how much you are on your feet when you work, exercise, and go places.

Your feet deserve some TLC.

During a pedicure, the technician will trim or file your toenails, remove hangnails, trim your cuticles, and buff the surface of the nail. They will also scrub your feet to remove dead skin and calluses. This is followed by a lotion massage. You can have a clear coat of polish on your nails, or you can go without.

Deep Tissue Sports Massage

A deep tissue sports massage uses firm pressure to help with your posture, relaxation, muscle alignment, and tension.

This type of massage reaches deep into the muscle, decreasing inflammation and encouraging blood flow. The result? Rested, repaired, and stronger muscles. You may feel a lot of pressure, but tell the massage therapist right away if you experience pain.

Body Wrap

Wraps can moisturize your skin, draw out toxins, and reduce the look of cellulite. The treatment is usually performed in a dark, quiet massage room, which makes it very relaxing. Most body wraps begin with a mud or herbal scrub and a rinse before the wrap is applied.

The client is wrapped in multiple thin layers of the scrub and then covered with an electric blanket. The electric blanket, which is warm enough to make you sweat for the duration of the treatment, is left on for thirty minutes. Then you’re rinsed off again and the therapist applies lotion to your skin.

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