Living Social is offering up 2 movie tickets for $9 as one of their daily deals on March 2.

Customers will pay for two movie tickets redeemable at Fandago for a total of $9. This comes out to $4.50 per ticket. The tickets are not redeemable for IMAX and 3D movies.

Fandago is a website that sells tickets to many local movie theaters. Customers will want to check the website to be certain the ticket can be redeemed in their area before they make a purchase.

To take advantage of this deal on Living Social, simply click on More Deals and choose either Orlando or Columbus as the city.

Living Social is a website that offers daily specials at discounts that often are more than 50% off of regular price. Some of the deals are local to the city but many, like this one, are valid across the U.S. Living Social relies on customers using various forms of social media to spread the word of their daily specials.