The Walking Dead, Mad Men, and Breaking Bad are just some the shows that DISH Network subscribers will miss out on if DISH goes through with a threat to drop the AMC channel from its listings on June 30.

The threat to drop AMC Networks from DISH is part of a long simmering contract dispute that began about four years ago. That’s the word according to AMC at least. The network has put together a KeepAMCNetworks website. On it, AMC says “…because of setbacks in an unrelated litigation, DISH even suggests that they might deny their customers access to some of their favorite networks and shows that are offered by every other major satellite and cable TV provider.”

DISH has a different story. They say that AMC has hiked programming fees beyond what they are willing to pay. “It’s our fundamental contention that AMC Networks channels are not delivering value to our subscribers for the price they are asking,” the Chicago Tribune quoted DISH spokesman Robert Toevs as saying.

Who’s right? Who’s wrong? It’s hard to know. What we do know is there will be some DISH subscribers totally bent out of shape if they can’t watch the AMC shows they want.

AMC is red hot right now and has some very compelling shows. According to AMC, “The Walking Dead is the number one scripted drama with DISH subscribers.”

But it’s not just the zombies that are popular at the moment. Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Hell on Wheels, Kendra on Top, Braxton Family Values, and Portlandia are all popular shows that are on the DISH chopping block. As are the entire lineups on AMC outlets We TV and (the already dropped) Sundance Channel.

We suppose there’s a good chance this will get worked out before DISH takes AMC off the air. But what if it doesn’t? If dish no longer carries AMC, will you remain a subscriber? If you were considering getting DISH, with not having AMC make a difference? The us know in the comments section below.