Doctor Who is everywhere; even on your list of Google App Games.

The latest by Whovians, for Whovians, Doctor Who Legacy is a fan made game that puts players in the shoes of the eponymous Doctor. Dozens of companions are collected, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

The story is typical Doctor Who, having the player go back in time to save the universe. In practice, though, the story is pushed aside for the gameplay.

Gameplay itself devolves into gem swapping, but it is anything but typical. Gems can be swapped all across the board in one turn; a departure from the usual formula coming from King games, like Candy Crush.

The real fun comes from collecting companions and generations of The Doctor. The further the player gets into the game, the deeper the content reveals itself. Variety is abundant, based on the player’s choice of Doctor and Companion combination.Doctor Who Legacy Gameplay Capture

The game utilizes microtransactions, but the player may find the in-game currency too expensive for real money. Much of what can be bought can be earned within the game with a little patience.

Tiny Rebel Games does a terrific job supporting its material, adding new content every week, and promising more.

Doctor Who Legacy is available in popular app stores, such as Google Play, iTunes, and Amazon. A version is also available on Facebook.

Do you intend to try this game? Do you already play it? Excited about the new season of Doctor Who? Let us know in the comments below.