Doctor Who Season 8 Now On Netflix | Movie/Marathon/Premiere News

Doctor Who season 8 is available on Netflix as of today.

The online streaming video service offers a free, one month, trial to new users.

Netflix has all of season 8 online, twelve episodes in all. Seasons 1 through 7 are also available.

But Netflix isn’t your only opportunity to get caught up or reacquainted with season 8.

A Doctor Who movie will be in select theaters, in 3D, on September 15 and 16.

Unlike last year, the Doctor Who pre-season movie won’t be the premiere for the upcoming season, but instead will be the last two episodes of season 8.

BBCAmerica is currently showing Doctor Who episodes from 10am to noon each weekday and interspersed throughout their weekend programming.

They are close to the end of season 2 at the time this is being written. Their schedule only covers the next two weeks, but if BBCAmerica follows its usual routine, a Doctor Who season 8 marathon will precede the season 9 premiere. The premiere is set for Saturday, September 19.

Ready for season 9?

What do you think of the twelfth Doctor?

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