Dodger Stadium announced Wednesday that alcoholic beverages will not be part of their new Half Price Drinks and Food promotion being offered at the 6 mid-week games this season. The decision came about after a paramedic was beaten severely in the parking lot after the Dodgers’ home game opener on March 31.

In conjunction with the Los Angeles Police Department, Dodger Stadium has made the change as part of the zero-tolerance action plan to stave off unwanted, out of control behavior. Spokesman Josh Rawitch stated that, after reviewing the stadium’s policies, the ruling is the “right thing to do.”

Not only will fans not be able to receive half off alcoholic drinks, but they also will notice an increased presence of uniformed LAPD officers. The increased presence is to serve as a reminder that no untoward behavior will be accepted. Officers are expected to be aggressive about arresting or expelling trouble makers.

The Dodgers will play against the Atlanta Braves in the first of these mid-week games on April 21. As of now, the Half Price Food and Drinks promotion remains in effect, with the exception of the alcoholic beverages, and the six-game ticket packages are still available at half price. As an added feature to these games, the Dodgers will wear jerseys reminiscent of those worn by the Brooklyn Dodgers in the 1940s.