Can The Next Gen Dallas Last?

Can The Next Gen Dallas Last?

TNTs-DallasDallas appears to have hit lightning twice. TNT’s continuation of the series, which premiered Wednesday night, raced to the top of the charts as the top-ranked scripted series premier on cable this year.

And it is a continuation of the series, not a reboot. Patrick Duffy, who plays Bobby Ewing in both the 1978 to 1991 Dallas on CBS and the next gen Dallas on TNT, said in an interview with Jay Leno that the show is “exactly the same, but it’s 2012. We consider this year 14 of the show. It’s exactly as if [viewers] forgot which channel we were on.”

The new Dallas also brings back Larry Hagman as J.R. Ewing, and Linda Gray as J.R.s ex-wife Sue Ellen Ewing. TNT’s version introduces us to grown-up versions of John Ross Ewing III, played by Josh Henderson, Christopher Ewing, played by (Jesse Metcalfe), characters who were born during the original series.

Wednesday night’s two hour premiere, which included the episodes “Pilot: Changing of the Guard,” and “Hedging Your Bets,” brought in an estimated 6.86 million viewers. When it comes to audiences, the original series hit its high point with the 1980 season premier episode “Who shot J.R.?. Ninety million Americans tuned in to find the answer.

The original series ran for 14 seasons. Does this second generation of Dallas have the legs for that kind of longevity?

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