With the winter months almost upon most of us, unless you’re lucky enough to be enjoying a warm climate you’ll be feeling the cold overnight.

So let this article serve as a gentle reminder that if you are feeling a little chilly overnight, your dog most likely is too.

The good news is there are some solutions. The most effective being a heated pet bed insert, these are available at most good pet stores.

Petsmart stock the model you see in the picture, it is an insert that will fit in or under almost any size or shape pet bed.

Works great for cats too, although as us cat owners know it’s not easy determining where a cat will choose to sleep.

They are safe to use and do not get too hot. But as it is an electrical appliance you will need to keep an eye on it. If you dog has a penchant for chewing wires you may have to reconsider.

Drop me a comment and let me know how much your pet appreciated the heat pad. Or, how much you have missed using your pet as a bed warmer for yourself now it stays in its own bed!