Don’t Have A Cat Tree Yet?

If you’re a cat owner you probably have a scratching post – if you don’t, how is your furniture surviving?

However, cat trees are becoming more popular all the time, and for good reason.

A cat tree offers a lot more fun, interesting obstacles, and more scratching areas for your cat than a scratching post.

They have a decent range of options at Petsmart and other pet stores, or you can even build one yourself if you’re good with crafts.

If your cat is an indoor pet because you live in an apartment, you have an exotic breed, or for any other reason. Bringing a cat tree into your home will give your cat a lot more to do, and potentially save your furniture for any unwanted scratching.

They are not all that expensive, and with such a wide range of designs available you’ll likely find one to fit your home decor too.

Do you already have a cat tree? Never thought about one before?

Please leave any comments below and I’d love to exchange views.

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