Download A Kindle Book X-Mas Day? You’re Not Alone!

Christmas Day, 2012, was the biggest day ever for Kindle ebook downloads, according to a release from Amazon.

Unfortunately, while Amazon dished out some teasers today, they were short on details – so we don’t know just how many of us were downloading Kindle ebooks on Christmas Day.

We also don’t know just how many Kindle Fire’s Amazon sold over the holidays. Amazon’s mum on that. But they do say that over a million Kindle devices were sold each week during December. And with all the build up and publicity that the Kindle Fire received going into the holiday sales season, we can safely assume a good number of them were the Fires. Analysts are predicting about 5 million will be sold before the end of the year. That would make it the number two selling tablet behind Apple’s iPad.

Amazon also said today that the Kindle Fire is their #1 bestseller, and is also the #1 most gifted and most wished for item of all the items they have available at They said that their Kindle line is also the number one product at,,, and

In today’s release from Amazon, they included a variety of holiday information tidbits. These included that Amazon customers bought so many of the biography “Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson, that if they were stacked up they would be taller than Mount Everest, and that so many Bowflex 552 Adjustable Dumbbells were bought that, put together, they would weigh more than 70 full-grown elephants.

Consumer Expert Faroh Sauder

Faroh Sauder has spent more than 30 years working as a journalist and educator. He has written on politics, international affairs, civil rights, and consumer education.

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