With “The Interview,” Seth Rogen’s and James Franco’s latest film, shelved indefinitely thanks to hacker threats towards Sony, people have turned to the inevitable: downloading the film illegally through torrent sites.

While this behavior is neither condemned, nor condoned by Consumer Press, those who choose to take part in this action should be warned about the deceptive actions that are taking place. Softpedia reports that numerous sites have appeared, offering the infamous movie. However, since no legal version of the film is available digitally, any site that claims to have it will likely not only be an illegal copy, but not even the correct movie, either. Some undisclosed sites, when accessed, offer “The Interview,” but instead, the 1996 drama “The English Patient” ends up being the film downloaded. Worse, the file is laced with potentially computer-destroying malware.

Other sites request filling out a survey that under the surface, would access private information.

Best advice: avoid attempting to find this film for the time being. Although Sony has no plans to release this film in any form, it is likely that this film will eventually see the light of day.

Judgement-free zone here. Who would want to watch this movie through a torrent? As always, let us know in the comments below.