Angry Dr Oz To Respond To Critics Tomorrow

Dr. Oz is breaking his silence and will speak out against his critics this Thursday, April 23, on the Dr. Oz Show. But is it enough to save his reputation?

Several news shows, including CNN, aired a clip from the upcoming episode, where an angry Dr. Oz addresses charges by a group of physicians that he is a quack doctor.

In the clip, Dr. Oz says “I’ve long believed that doctors should never fight their battles or each other in public, but now I believe I must.” He goes on to say that “These doctors are criticizing me for promoting treatments and cures in the interest of personal financial gain, something I tell you every day on this program I never do.”

While some are applauding him for finally speaking up, others think it is a calculated and choreographed move that comes too late to be sincere.

Dr. Oz came under fire a few days ago when a group of 10 doctors sent an email to the head of Columbia University, where Dr. Oz sits as the vice chairman of the surgery department, calling for his dismissal for what they deem to be unethical behavior.

They cited his endorsement of “miracle” weight loss products and his opposition to the genetic engineering of food  as examples.

The doctors who sent the letter come from various backgrounds and institutes and are not affiliated with Columbia. Some are connected with the American Council on Science and Health, which is an advocate of genetically engineered foods.

Dr. Oz was criticized for similar reasons in 2014 by a Senate panel, who lashed out at him for promoting weight loss pills that don’t really work.

Since the letter was leaked, Dr. Oz has been silent. The only ones to speak out on his behalf was Columbia, who said they stand behind him.

Many took his silence as an admittance of guilt. His reputation took a beating in social media. We’ll now be watching to see if what he says makes a difference.

You can see everything Dr. Oz has to say on the subject this Thursday – check your local listings for the time and channel.

What do you think of the Dr. Oz controversy?  Sound off with your opinion below.

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