The 2009 epic RPG Dragon Age: Origins for the PC is now free for download from Origin’s website.

For those who have never played, Dragon Age: Origins is a mix of a single-player version of World of Warcraft and Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic medieval game. Players can choose from six types of classes, and then follow a different storyline for each, enabling the ability to play the game differently each time you start a new character.

Game mechanics include role-playing style combat similar to Baulder’s Gate and Dungeon Siege, inventory and party management, and character building. You can choose classes that are combat centric, magic using, or a mix between the two.

Dragon Age: Origins also has a great voice-acting cast featuring Tim Curry, Claudia Black, and Orange is the New Black’s Kate Mulgrew.

Those interested in playing a dark fantasy like role-playing games should head on over to Origin’s website and get a free copy before time runs out!